“A Reading Series in Adventurous Literature”– Stranger Staff Picks

May 5, 2014 “Brenda Miller Jumps into the Furnace,” City Arts Magazine, Rich Smith

One of the most vital reading series in Seattle

February 5, 2014 “Winter Cleaning: The Furnace Delivers a Polar Expedition to the Hearty of a Messy Home,” The Stranger, Paul Constant

January 14, 2013 “Seattle: Multi Genre Furnace Reading Preview” Coldfront Mag, Bill Carty

December 12, 2012 “The Furnace returns with live literary readings this January” The Examiner, Dan Coxon

If you’re looking for some cultural stimulation — and some warmth — in the New Year then you’ll definitely want to curl up at The Furnace. Music, literature, and technological innovation — what could be more Seattle than that?

August 4, 2012 “The Furnace on Hollow Earth Radio” City Arts Magazine, Lillian Nickerson

By reimaging the typical multi-author reading, The Furnace allows the audience to fully experience the entirety of a piece and get comfortable with a story’s voice and narrative. Audience members seemed fully open to the concept—they filled Hollow Earth, sitting on chairs, a plump couch and cross-legged on the floor. Prior to the reading, chapbooks containing the story were sold for $2 apiece so audience members could follow along. The early time of night and fixed length seemed to make the night entertaining and enjoyable, a welcome midweek literary meditation.

July 17, 2012 “The Furnace Gets Fired Up This August” Culture Mob, Dan Coxon

If you think that another reading event sounds less than incendiary, then think again.