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The Bushwick Book Club Presents Original Music Inspired by The Furnace – Video

by Anca Szilagyi

Back in March, we teamed up with The Bushwick Book Club Seattle for the APRIL festival. Three musicians wrote and performed three absolutely lovely songs inspired by the three pieces we’ve presented so far. Check out the videos here, and stay tuned for the recording of Kathlene Postma’s performance, which is still giving us chills.


MP3 of Three Songs

by CM

Here is a beautiful recording of Rae Diamond and Jessika Kenney’s performance at The Furnace on January 16.

The Last Night at Manuela’s – Video

by Anca Szilagyi

Video from Wednesday night’s performance of “The Last Night at Manuela’s” is available here. What a magical evening! Thanks to all who came down to Hollow Earth or tuned in online!

More Like Home Than Home: Audio & Video

by CM

In case you missed Anca’s reading Wednesday night, audio and video are available right over here:

Thanks, Greg Bem, for putting this together!