The Short Version:

The Furnace is a quarterly reading series that showcases one new prose writer (fiction, nonfiction, playwriting) at a time and is co-curated by Corinne Manning and Anca Szilagyi. Our mission is to encourage innovative storytelling and a vibrant literary community. Catch us live at the Hollow Earth Performance space, or listen online at Hollowearthradio.org.

The Long Version:

Stories were told around a fire. They kept us warm and created a sense of connection and community. Our community is larger now. The Furnace is performed in front of a live audience and broadcast over Hollow Earth Radio. To complete the experience, audience members can hold the story in their hands with a professionally designed chapbook of the performer’s work.

We are supporting the writers that are sharing their stories with us, and by bringing new voices to the community, those writers are in turn nourishing us. In order to cultivate a healthy, vibrant literary community, each event will showcase a new writer every time and in some cases one who hasn’t read in Seattle before.

As we showcase a story via radio and print, the writer can focus on sharing their work in innovative ways. That can be as simple as making their work listenable or as innovative as having multiple readers, sound effects, etc. The result is an engaging experience for the audience and the writer.


Book printing is generously sponsored by Alphagraphics. Alphagraphics, we love you!