Catherine Smyka on Getting Lost in the Moment

by Anca Szilagyi

As we prepare for The Furnace Says Goodnight, Kyle Getz is interviewing Furnace contributors about their past performances. Next up is Catherine Smyka! Please join us at Hollow Earth Radio on Friday, December 2 at 8 pm for a special collaborative performance and party. Without further ado:


KG: How did you approach the selection and presentation of your work given the Furnace’s format of both a live and radio audience?

CS:I tried to find a story that folks could relate to. And my sound designer Stephen [Anunson] and I tried to find music that would take folks into their own memories. Their own first loves. Their own silly decisions. Their own experiences getting lost in the moment, forgetting common sense, and just going for it.

KG:Looking back on your experience with the Furnace, what stands out most to you?

CS:Hearing the story unfold all around me. I’ve done storytelling with The Moth for the last four years, and love the rush of speaking in front of a live audience. But when I heard the music and sounds accompany my story as I spoke the words out loud – it gave me the chance to experience the story all over again.