Lacey Jane Henson on the Use of Sound Effects in Fiction Readings

by Anca Szilagyi


As we prepare for The Furnace Says Goodnight, Kyle Getz is interviewing Furnace contributors about their past performances. Next is Lacey Jane Henson! Please join us at Hollow Earth Radio on Friday, December 2 at 8 pm for a special collaborative performance and party. Without further ado:

KG: You performed “Trigger” with added sound effects for The Furnace. Did you always imagine sound effects accompanying the piece as you wrote it? What was the process of developing the sound like?

LJH: I only imagined the sound effects after I got the invitation to read at The Furnace. I listen to a lot of radio, so I was kind of thinking of it like a radio play. I used the sound effects to help illustrate shifts in time and place, as well as for dramatic emphasis. First, I scored the story and edited it a bit, and then my friend Brian Cervino, who’s a musician, helped me bring the effects to life. I loved revisiting the story in this way, and was really happy with how the sound enhanced the performance.

KG: How did it feel to include other readers in your performance? How did change the work and the performance for you?

LJH: It was so much fun to have the other readers with me. I get a lot of stage fright, and having fellow performers up there with me really eliminated that. It was also so great to see my work actually performed by someone else–as fiction writers we rarely, if ever, get to have that experience.