Alan Sincic on Theater and Fiction

by Anca Szilagyi

Headshot.bmpOver on the Hugo House blog, Alan Sincic talks about the intersections of theater and fiction, and the mysterious shadow wall he will use in his performance workshop at Scribes, Hugo House’s teen writing program. He also gives us a taste of “Sugar,” the story he will perform at Hollow Earth Radio. Check out his delightful advice and insights, then join us on August 13 at 7 pm PDT!

Here’s that taste of “Sugar”:

Gotta be a word to capture the flavor of this whole enterprise – and by that I mean not Sugar alone, but every last one of us here strapped onto this whirligig of a planet. Rusted? Busted? Not broken irreparably – that would be too easy, no, but stuck. Stuck with a promise of perfection that’s always and forever just short of the means to fulfill it — the bow without the string, the crippled wing, the rowboat stuck out there in the middle of the meadow. It’s like we all been permanently epoxied into a shape that bears no resemblance to the dashing photo on the front of the box, to the set of instructions – Japanese, English, Hottentot, Urdu – slid up under the lid with (like a Gideon’s Bible at a stripper’s retreat) such a touching naiveté. A kludge, that’s what we are, every damn one of us