The Furnace is Back with Catherine Smyka on October 10

by CM

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October 10 7 pm at Hollow Earth Radio

Catherine Smyka (of The Stranger, T/OUR, and Moth Story Slam Champion)

will read her essay “Don’t Mess with Straight Girls”

“I also didn’t know that I had spent the better part of my childhood and early adult life subconsciously seducing women. The girl who lived down the block. The other girl who rode the bus with me. The girl from Biology class. The girl from the newspaper office. The girl with the locker next to mine on the 2nd floor. The girl from softball. The coach from softball. Everyone from softball. The girl from my Homecoming group. My best friend freshman year. My best friend junior year. My best friend senior year. My college roommate. My other college roommate. My best friend’s girlfriend. If anyone had asked, I’d simply answered, ‘What? That girl? She’s just my really good friend. Really good friends hold hands, right?'”