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Month: October, 2012

Congrats to Anca for her Made at Hugo House Grant!

by CM


Very excited to announce that our first reader, Anca Szilagyi won a Made at Hugo House grant. She’ll be working on a collection of stories called “More Like Home than Home.” Take a listen to the title story from that collection.



The Last Night at Manuela’s – Video

by Anca Szilagyi

Video from Wednesday night’s performance of “The Last Night at Manuela’s” is available here. What a magical evening! Thanks to all who came down to Hollow Earth or tuned in online!

One format to another

by CM

The Furnace is this Wednesday, 6 pm at Hollow Earth Radio in the Central District. This time we are featuring a play “The Last Night at Manuela’s” by Buffy Aakaash. Something that is particularly interesting about his approach is that he is adapting the stage play to a radio play format. This is something that will be just as exciting to those in the audience as it will be to folks listening online.

What is that experience like? To take a piece of work meant for one format and then convert it to another? This afternoon, I got the author to weigh in.

CM: What are some of the things that come into consideration when you are adapting a play to a radio format? What do you imagine it will be like to watch that version live?
BUFFY: The main question that I asked myself in approaching the radio adaptation of “Manuela…” was, “What are the visual elements of the stage version that are crucial to the story being told?” For a listening-only audience, those things would need to be aurally fleshed out, either through added sound effects, or lines from the characters, commenting on the action going on. I used a little of both of those things. I think the excitement for a live radio studio audience is that they have the sense of being behind the scenes. They’ll be able to see me pushing buttons for the sound effects, and observe how the actors relate to one another in an un-staged reading. Of course, we’ll be adding some visual elements to give the studio audience a little something extra.

Morgan, Anca, and I will be talking to Buffy and the performers after to follow up on how this process turned out for them. Hope to see you there!

This Wednesday, October 3

6 pm

Hollow Earth Radio (2018 East Union Street–Central District)