by CM

It’s funny how the changes of the seasons go. In the summer it’s like work barely exists, we do the bare minimum, we party with friends, drink things in out door patios and look really good in sunglasses. In the fall people look real good in their sweaters and color coordination but we sure are busy. I know I felt like I got shot out of a cannon, but one of those really nice ones that lands you in a soft ball pit of readings and friends.

The Furnace is a week from today. That’s October 3 at 6 pm at Hollow Earth Radio. And it occurred to me that folks might need some encouragement to party and make it to a 6 pm event because here are the things that will happen:

  • You’ll actually get the same amount of work done as you would have if you bumbled around at work until 6.
  • Buffy Aakaash’s award winning play is beautiful and runs at about ten minutes, which means you get to go to all kinds of other events, like The Washington State Book Awards at Hugo House.
  • It means that you get to wear a cute outfit, and I promise that if you wear a cute outfit I will say so during the opening comments and then the whole internet will know that y’all are sittin there looking cute as hell.
  • This new book is going to have a yellow cover. Yellow is like the sun. The books, by the way, are available for sale at Elliot Bay, Left Bank Books and Bull Dog News. But if you make it to The Furnace on Wednesday October 3 you will get Buffy’s book first. You will have cred and bragging rights.
  • What better reason  is there to look good or look regular, or shlubby and drink Hot Chocolate and see a radio play happen live?

I can’t wait. Maybe my purse will match the chapbook.