A Story Read Out Loud and a Human Footnote

by CM

It’s the eve of  Anca Szilagyi’s performance/reading at The Furnace and I’m pretty excited and had to ask her some questions before hand. Morgan, the host of Morgan’s Martini Hour and I will have some more questions for her after the reading on Wednesday, but here is a little taste:

Q: There are many footnotes throughout your story “More Like Home Than Home”. How do you foresee them working in the live reading?

AS: I see the footnotes in “More Like Home Than Home” serving as an alternate narrator — another, older version of the narrator in the body of the story. By having another reader be the voice of the footnotes, the fabulous Kristen Young, listeners will be able to feel the tension between what the different versions have to offer: what are these different versions of home and all that goes into them? How do family stories accumulate or lose detail over time? Do these footnote stories ever fall into rabbit holes?

See you tomorrow night at Hollow Earth Radio! Chapbooks of the story will be available for $2 and they are looking pretty, just like you.